Coping with Shift Work Stress


Work can be stressful. Shift work can be very stressful. But what is stress and how can you cope with it? We asked Occupational Psychology Student, Naomi Booth Wade to tell us about the common causes of work stress. And how shift workers can build up ways to manage and cope with stress. What is stress? According the the official definitions, stress is a response to situations in our lives. Typically, these are situations that cause nerves or anxiety. They are times when we feel as though the demands on us are beyond our normal experience. Situations that cause us stress might be [...]

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How Do You Survive the Night Shift?


Night shifts, night shifts, night shifts. Does anybody like them? Really? There’s plenty of advice available from colleagues (and the internet) for getting through a night shift. But is any of it any good? Or will nightshift working see you slowly descend into the inevitable spiral of insanity? Here’s some of the best, and worst advice, for surviving the dreaded nightshift. Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep “Working at night interrupts your natural sleep pattern,” says Fran Laukaitis, Chief Nursing Officer at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, USA. She suggests night shift nurses take measures to create an environment conducive [...]

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