Superfood of the month – Pumpkin


We all have our favourite winter food we like to tuck into as the nights draw in, but could eating  ‘superfood’ give you special powers to get through your shift and avoid the post sugary snack crash?   What is a superfood? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a superfood is a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.   And the superfood of the month is…. of course, pumpkin.  Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to stockpile your squash at the same time as carving out a scary face.   What is pumpkin supposed to do? Pumpkin is [...]

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7 Reasons Why Some People Love Working a Night Shift


Does anyone like working night shifts? Everybody hates shift work … don’t they? Well, no. It appears that there are plenty of people who love shift work, because it gives them exactly what they need and fits in with their lifestyle. Not convinced? Here’s 7 reasons why night shift work might be perfect for you. 1. Quieter Atmosphere … for most Okay, we know it’s not the case for everyone’s nightshift, but on the whole, the night shift is usually quieter than the day or evening shift. As one nightshift nurse put it on, “Days and swing shift have administration, [...]

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New to Shift Work? Here’s some tips for surviving the slog


Starting a new job is daunting – a new shift work job is doubly so!   Not only have you got new work to get used to, you also have to cope with odd sleeping hours, eating in the middle of the night, different working conditions and getting to grips with a complex shift pattern. (There’s a great app to help with that!) Shift work takes getting used to, and it can have quite an effect on your health and lifestyle.   Put off doing shift work yet? Don’t be ... Plenty of jobs and careers require shift work, and the good [...]

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