Superfood of the Month – Brussels Sprouts, the unsung superfood!


One seasonal Christmas vegetable divides us like no other. Love them or loath them, it’s hard to get away from the Brussels Sprouts. Whilst they aren’t everyone’s favourite Christmas treat, according to the experts, sprouts are the unsung superfood of the season. Full of goodness, sprouts have a range of health benefit properties from anticancer to weight loss. Here are 5 of those amazing properties that make Brussels sprouts an unsung Christmas superfood. 1. Anticancer Effect A number of studies have found a link between a high consumption of cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, and a reduced risk of several [...]

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More Christmas Shift Workers Than Ever This Year


It’s Black Friday Week - Which means that more and more people are being employed in part time shift work as retailers gear up for the busiest time of the year.   More Christmas Workers This year. More people working that ever over Christmas season. Back in September, UK Retailer Argos announced that it was employing more than 10,000 extra temporary workers to cope with the annual surge of Christmas business, and Argos is just a drop in the ocean compared to some online retailers, such as Amazon. It’s not only retailers who will be increasing Christmas shifts. In recent years there [...]

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Shift Workers Tips for Sleeping


Shift workers are finding new ways to get better quality sleep. Indiana University study helps its staff to get the night's rest they need. Shift Workers Are Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep In 2015 Indiana University found that too many of its shift work employees were suffering from a lack of sleep. In a survey conducted by the university, nearly half of staff lacked the right amount of sleep to function well in their jobs and in the personal lives. The University responded by with a challenge to promote better sleep. The results were amazing, and the good news is that anyone [...]

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