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Staying Fit on Shift Work. Is it Possible?


25th March is National Work Outs Day ... Apparently! For shift worker, finding the time to work out, stay fit and healthy, whilst managing all the shifts and nightshifts, is quite a task! Are you working out today? Like lots of these day, National Work Out Day will have slipped most people by. Rarely do we bother much about the more obscure national or international days. But staying healthy and fit is important. Especially if you are employed in shift work of any kind. It’s well documented that shift workers tend to suffer more health issues than people who work regular [...]

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Share Your Shift Calendar with My Shift Planner


One of the great things about My Shift Planner is that you can share your shift schedule with a partner, family, colleagues, or anyone you want to. Here’s how to do it. How to Share Your Calendar My Shift Planner is designed to help shift workers plan their lives and stay on top of shift work. One of the ways you can do this is by keeping those closest to you in the loop. If they know your shift rota, they're less likely to try and plan a full day of Christmas shopping when you’re sleeping off a night shift! Luckily, [...]

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More Temporary Shift Workers Ready for Christmas


More Shift Workers Than Ever There are more shift workers now than ever before, according to figures released last month from the Trades Union Congress (TUC). It’s estimated that here in the UK there are now more than three million people working night shifts. Night workers now account for one in nine employees across Britain. That’s an increase of 151,000 in the last five years.   Increase in Older Shift Workers Most people who work late shifts are aged between 30 and 49. But there has been a big increase in over-50s on night shifts. Almost 200,000 night workers are over [...]

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September Superfood of the Month – Apples


Autumn is definitely back on this side of the world, with the long hot days of July’s heatwave well and truly behind us.   In honour of the upcoming harvest, this month’s superfood is famed for keeping the doctor away, scrumping and cider! It also happens to be one of the healthiest foods that we grow.   5 Nutritional Powers of Apples! Apples are not only delicious, they have great nutritional power. Here’s five ways apples can help shift workers to stay healthy both on and off shifts.   1. Lose Weight with an Apple a Day Eating apples can aid [...]

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Six Summer Super-Veg – Superfoods for Shift Workers


Seasonal vegetables are definitely the trend right now. And with good reason. There are amazing summer vegetables with superfood qualities in the shops at the moment. With a few additions, they can make excellent, healthy meals for shift workers.     1. Asparagus   Asparagus spears are great for fighting damage done by free radicals. They are a good source  antioxidants, which repair damage done by free radicals and can help reduce risk of serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. They also provide a good source of vitamin K which is important for strong bones and blood clotting.   [...]

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Six Summer Superfruits for Healthy Shift Workers


No one ever said that working shifts was easy. But there are some ways to help you make it through those long night shifts. Healthy eating is one of the most proven ways to help your body cope with stresses of shift work life. And with more and more information about food nutrition available, there’s plenty of options when it comes to getting over the 3am slump. Modern shopping habits have meant that it's possible to get nearly any fruit or vegetable pretty much any time of year. But if you’re looking for the best tasting and most nutritious product, it's [...]

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The Best Apps for Healthy Shift Workers


Shift work puts a huge strain on the mind and body. It’s well known that shift workers suffer higher rates if heart disease, diabetes and stress related illnesses than other types of workers. Although we can’t get rid of shift work – the global number of shift workers is increasing every year – there are ways to help manage the shift work life. New apps, gadgets and other tech that help us to stay healthy in mind and body are cropping up all the time, and plenty of them are very useful for shift workers. 4 Priorities for a Healthy Work/Life [...]

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The Life of a Shift Worker – A My Shift Planner User Tells Us His Experience of Shift Work


One of our users explains, with painful honesty, the issues he faces working shifts. He was happy for us to publish this anonymously. He wants other shift workers to know that they are not alone. Please do comments and share your experiences, problems and coping mechanisms so you can help other shift workers too.  “Missing Out On Life!” “I've worked every sort of shift in my working life. Some have been 9-5, but most of the time I've worked evening shifts and night shifts. The result is that I've felt like I'm missing out on life. The majority of people go out [...]

The Life of a Shift Worker – A My Shift Planner User Tells Us His Experience of Shift Work2018-12-04T14:16:42+00:00

Shift Work and Public Holidays


If there is one thing that unites all workers around the world it’s the joy of a public holiday! Everybody Loves A Public Holiday! Most countries in the world have public holidays. The days themselves vary, but in many countries, workers can enjoy several extra days off throughout the year. India and Columbia top the billing, both having 18 public holidays a year. Mexico has one of the lowest, with just 7. Luckily, the latest updates of My Shift Planner include built in public holidays for a wide range of countries. We will be adding more in the future, as well. It [...]

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Superfood of the Month – Chocolate


As it’s Easter weekend, there could only be one superfood we championed this month – chocolate!   It’s Easter Egg Time Again It’s quite likely that by lunchtime on Sunday, quite a lot of us will be full of chocolate! Easter brings many gifts, but the giving of Easter Eggs is a particular blessing for those of us who are chocoholics. For many shift workers, chocolate is so much more than an annual act of Paschal gluttony.   Guilt-free chocolate – The Night Shift’s Holy Grail Chocolate is notorious for being the night shift workers friend! After all, who hasn’t craved that chocolate [...]

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