Staying Fit on Shift Work. Is it Possible?


25th March is National Work Outs Day ... Apparently! For shift worker, finding the time to work out, stay fit and healthy, whilst managing all the shifts and nightshifts, is quite a task! Are you working out today? Like lots of these day, National Work Out Day will have slipped most people by. Rarely do we bother much about the more obscure national or international days. But staying healthy and fit is important. Especially if you are employed in shift work of any kind. It’s well documented that shift workers tend to suffer more health issues than people who work regular [...]

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September Superfood of the Month – Apples


Autumn is definitely back on this side of the world, with the long hot days of July’s heatwave well and truly behind us.   In honour of the upcoming harvest, this month’s superfood is famed for keeping the doctor away, scrumping and cider! It also happens to be one of the healthiest foods that we grow.   5 Nutritional Powers of Apples! Apples are not only delicious, they have great nutritional power. Here’s five ways apples can help shift workers to stay healthy both on and off shifts.   1. Lose Weight with an Apple a Day Eating apples can aid [...]

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Six Summer Super-Veg – Superfoods for Shift Workers


Seasonal vegetables are definitely the trend right now. And with good reason. There are amazing summer vegetables with superfood qualities in the shops at the moment. With a few additions, they can make excellent, healthy meals for shift workers.     1. Asparagus   Asparagus spears are great for fighting damage done by free radicals. They are a good source  antioxidants, which repair damage done by free radicals and can help reduce risk of serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. They also provide a good source of vitamin K which is important for strong bones and blood clotting.   [...]

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Six Summer Superfruits for Healthy Shift Workers


No one ever said that working shifts was easy. But there are some ways to help you make it through those long night shifts. Healthy eating is one of the most proven ways to help your body cope with stresses of shift work life. And with more and more information about food nutrition available, there’s plenty of options when it comes to getting over the 3am slump. Modern shopping habits have meant that it's possible to get nearly any fruit or vegetable pretty much any time of year. But if you’re looking for the best tasting and most nutritious product, it's [...]

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The Life of a Shift Worker – A My Shift Planner User Tells Us His Experience of Shift Work


One of our users explains, with painful honesty, the issues he faces working shifts. He was happy for us to publish this anonymously. He wants other shift workers to know that they are not alone. Please do comments and share your experiences, problems and coping mechanisms so you can help other shift workers too.  “Missing Out On Life!” “I've worked every sort of shift in my working life. Some have been 9-5, but most of the time I've worked evening shifts and night shifts. The result is that I've felt like I'm missing out on life. The majority of people go out [...]

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Superfood of the Month – Chocolate


As it’s Easter weekend, there could only be one superfood we championed this month – chocolate!   It’s Easter Egg Time Again It’s quite likely that by lunchtime on Sunday, quite a lot of us will be full of chocolate! Easter brings many gifts, but the giving of Easter Eggs is a particular blessing for those of us who are chocoholics. For many shift workers, chocolate is so much more than an annual act of Paschal gluttony.   Guilt-free chocolate – The Night Shift’s Holy Grail Chocolate is notorious for being the night shift workers friend! After all, who hasn’t craved that chocolate [...]

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Are You Putting It Off? Procrastination is a significant problem for many shift workers


Find yourself constantly procrastinating at work? According to the latest studies, it might not be all your fault! Putting it off? You’re not alone Who doesn’t occasionally procrastinate at work? Most of us have an inbuilt suspicion of those fellow workers who always finish every task on time and never seem to fall behind. We all know the type – never delays an unpleasant duty, works through everything annoying quickly and always hits every target they are given.   via GIPHY   For the rest of us mortals who wish we could be like that, the reality is far more frustrating [...]

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Shift Workers and Sleep – Why We Just Can’t Get Enough!


It’s estimated that the average person spends up to a third of their lives asleep. But most shift workers aren’t getting anywhere near this amount, and it’s causing major issues in health and wellbeing. We look at one possible solution that’s been promoted to employers – napping at work! Bed is Best We all know that a good, long sleep is the best way to recover after a hard and exhausting shift. But the latest research has shown that good quality sleep is also essential for lots of important functions. From maintaining cognitive skills, communication, memory and creativity and flexibility, sleep [...]

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Shift Workers and Eating Disorders


This week marks Eating Disorders Awareness Week. At a time when higher rates of obesity and ill-health have been found in shift workers than the general population, it’s important to shine a light on the important issue of shift work and eating issues.   Shift Workers Struggle with Eating Disorders With currently 1 in 6 adults in the UK working shifts, there are a number of reasons why shift worker often struggle with eating habits. Shift work means working outside the usual 7 am to 6 pm time period, it might be straight nights, straight afternoons, or a rotation of different [...]

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February Superfood of the Month – Pancakes


Can Pancakes Really be a Healthy Shift Work Superfood? It's nearly Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, the day when thousands of households around the world will be frying up and tossing delicious pancakes. In some places, trying to race while doing it as well! From the simplest lemon and sugar topping, to sophisticated Crepes Suzette pancakes are a favourite food and can be eaten at any time, from breakfast to tea. However, they can be also be high in calories, especially if you top them with a lot of butter, syrup or chocolaty spreads. So, we ask the question, can they [...]

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