January Superfood of the Month – Haggis!


This week, is the annual celebration of the life and work of the great Scottish Bard, Robert Burns. On January 25, Scots and people of Scottish descent and people who just enjoy a good party, will be raising a dram or three of whisky, making speeches and diving into the great Scottish contribution to international cuisine. No, not the deep fried Mars Bar, but the immortal Haggis!   You might not realise that Haggis is a superfood, but we love it! So here is our homage to the “Great Chieftain o the puddin’ -race!”   Best Haggis Cooking Method? During the [...]

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Night Shift Workers More Likely to Become Obese – Nurses Especially At Risk 


Research published recently suggests that in the UK National Health Service (NHS) a quarter of nurses are obese, rising to almost half among those over 45.    UK Survey Exposes Night Shift Health Effects A London South Bank University and Edinburgh Napier University report has exposed the huge problem of obesity in the NHS The universities’ team looked at data from more than 20,000 working-age adults in the Health Survey for England between 2008 and 2012. They found that a third of unregistered care home workers and nursing assistants were found to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) which classed them [...]

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Superfood of the Month – Brussels Sprouts, the unsung superfood!


One seasonal Christmas vegetable divides us like no other. Love them or loath them, it’s hard to get away from the Brussels Sprouts. Whilst they aren’t everyone’s favourite Christmas treat, according to the experts, sprouts are the unsung superfood of the season. Full of goodness, sprouts have a range of health benefit properties from anticancer to weight loss. Here are 5 of those amazing properties that make Brussels sprouts an unsung Christmas superfood. 1. Anticancer Effect A number of studies have found a link between a high consumption of cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, and a reduced risk of several [...]

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Shift Workers Tips for Sleeping


Shift workers are finding new ways to get better quality sleep. Indiana University study helps its staff to get the night's rest they need. Shift Workers Are Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep In 2015 Indiana University found that too many of its shift work employees were suffering from a lack of sleep. In a survey conducted by the university, nearly half of staff lacked the right amount of sleep to function well in their jobs and in the personal lives. The University responded by with a challenge to promote better sleep. The results were amazing, and the good news is that anyone [...]

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Superfood of the month – Pumpkin


We all have our favourite winter food we like to tuck into as the nights draw in, but could eating  ‘superfood’ give you special powers to get through your shift and avoid the post sugary snack crash?   What is a superfood? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a superfood is a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.   And the superfood of the month is…. of course, pumpkin.  Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to stockpile your squash at the same time as carving out a scary face.   What is pumpkin supposed to do? Pumpkin is [...]

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New to Shift Work? Here’s some tips for surviving the slog


Starting a new job is daunting – a new shift work job is doubly so!   Not only have you got new work to get used to, you also have to cope with odd sleeping hours, eating in the middle of the night, different working conditions and getting to grips with a complex shift pattern. (There’s a great app to help with that!) Shift work takes getting used to, and it can have quite an effect on your health and lifestyle.   Put off doing shift work yet? Don’t be ... Plenty of jobs and careers require shift work, and the good [...]

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Shift work is ruining my home life! Are you affected by the Spill-Over effect?


Occupational Psychology PhD student, Naomi Booth Wade looks at the Spill-Over-Effect –  the facts figures and reasons why shift working can seriously affect your home life. Bringing work stress home with you? Welcome to the Spill-Over-Effect! Shift work is tough. Not only can shift work hours be unsociable, they can be stressful and when it's stressful at work, it gets stressful at home as well. In fact, 64% of shift workers with children, 58% of shift workers who were divorced, 45% of shift workers who were married, and 25% of shift workers who were single all reported that their work influenced the [...]

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Can you maintain a social and family life when you do shift work?


Social life and shift work - Is it possible to maintain the two? All shift workers know what it is like to be out of sync with normal life. Family and friends seem to be able to plan activities without a worry, and they want to include you, but you are too busy sleeping or working to join in to the fullest extent. Trying to maintain family life, or any kind of social life becomes nearly impossible and the results can be painful, including any of the following. 1. Isolation The feeling of social isolation/loneliness is common for shift workers. It [...]

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Coping with Shift Work Stress


Work can be stressful. Shift work can be very stressful. But what is stress and how can you cope with it? We asked Occupational Psychology Student, Naomi Booth Wade to tell us about the common causes of work stress. And how shift workers can build up ways to manage and cope with stress. What is stress? According the the official definitions, stress is a response to situations in our lives. Typically, these are situations that cause nerves or anxiety. They are times when we feel as though the demands on us are beyond our normal experience. Situations that cause us stress might be [...]

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