Great Review for My Shift Planner


We pride ourselves on putting shift workers first. Which is why we always respond to feedback about My Shift Planner – good or bad. We think we’ve produced an app that our users love. And, clearly, we are doing something right. We were chuffed to bits to get this fantastic review on the App Store this week.     Thanks so much to everyone who reviews. Please, keep them coming! It’s your reviews and feedback that keeps us on our toes to keep My Shift Planner the top shift organising app on the market.   User Driven App Everything we do is [...]

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International Firefighters Day – 4th May


The fourth of May is International Firefighters’ Day. Dedicated to the Protection of Life Firefighters throughout the world dedicate their lives to the protection of life. That dedication comes in the form of countless hours and sometimes many years of selfless service. All the time risking the ultimate sacrifice of a firefighter’s life. By remembering International Firefighters’ Day, we can recognise and give thanks for the sacrifices that firefighters make. And the work they do to ensure that communities and people are as safe as possible. It is also a day in which current and past firefighters can be thanked for [...]

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Shift Workers Have More Bad Habits


Reports show that rates of smoking, drinking and overeating are higher among shift workers than any other working group. What are your bad habits? It will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked nights, but shift workers don’t always look after themselves in the best way. Reports in the last ten years have shown consistently that shift working leads to bad diet, lack of exercise, and increased use of alcohol and tobacco. A 2016 report showed that 1 in 3 shift workers smoke – a long way above the national average. In the last few weeks, a Korean report also [...]

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Bank Holidays and Public Holidays – What are the rights of shift workers?


It may seem as though Christmas was only a few weeks ago, but Easter is almost upon us. Which means that the Bank Holiday Season is with us too. Bank holidays and Public Holidays are enshrined in most countries law. But many shift workers find themselves working across multiple national holidays. We spoke to HR expert Dianne Murray from Crispin Rhodes to find out what the law says about shift workers and bank holidays in the UK. We found that some common questions crop up, and the answers are not what we expected. Do we have a right to have bank holidays [...]

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