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Share Your Shift Calendar with My Shift Planner


One of the great things about My Shift Planner is that you can share your shift schedule with a partner, family, colleagues, or anyone you want to. Here’s how to do it. How to Share Your Calendar My Shift Planner is designed to help shift workers plan their lives and stay on top of shift work. One of the ways you can do this is by keeping those closest to you in the loop. If they know your shift rota, they're less likely to try and plan a full day of Christmas shopping when you’re sleeping off a night shift! Luckily, [...]

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The Origins of My Shift Planner


An Interview with the Creator of My Shift Planner – Chris Pimlott To mark the release of version 4.0, Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner and founder of My Buzz Technologies, tells us how he came to create the app that’s so popular with shift workers across the world. What led you to create My Shift Planner? It’s just over four years ago that I built the first version of My Shift Planner. I did it as a favour to my brother-in-law. He works at Manchester Airport and was trying to add his shift pattern onto his iPhone calendar. He [...]

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My Shift Planner Update News – Version 4.0


What’s new and what to look out for. The new version of My Shift Planner is coming out soon. Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner, talks to us about what to expect in the new update. Version 4.0 is coming out I’m really excited about it – we’re all really excited about it! It’s something we’ve been building towards for a long time. We have lots of really cool features we’ve wanted to add in, but we needed to do lots under the hood first to get the app ready. Now that it’s finally here, we can start offering our [...]

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