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Coping with Shift Work Stress


Work can be stressful. Shift work can be very stressful. But what is stress and how can you cope with it? We asked Occupational Psychology Student, Naomi Booth Wade to tell us about the common causes of work stress. And how shift workers can build up ways to manage and cope with stress. What is stress? According the the official definitions, stress is a response to situations in our lives. Typically, these are situations that cause nerves or anxiety. They are times when we feel as though the demands on us are beyond our normal experience. Situations that cause us stress might be [...]

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Living with Shift Work


What are the worst things shift workers have to put up with? Working shifts is hard! Shift workers know that, even if the rest of the world hasn’t got a clue. Those living with shift work are well aware of the issues and problems they have to face daily. Here are some of the truths about living with shift work Work – Sleep – Repeat For most workers, coming home at the end of work, doesn't mean the end of the day. There’s time in the evening for food, activity, the gym, Netflix, relaxing – all before you go to bed [...]

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Why is Shift Working so Damn Hard?


Shift work is notoriously difficult. Ask any group of shift workers whether they like it, and you’ll elicit a variety of responses, from toleration, to downright hatred! Hands up who likes working shifts? Few people openly enjoy shift work. It can be exhausting, frustrating, draining and unsociable. It can lead to health problems, both physical and mental, and social problems too, including marriage and relationship break downs. All in all, most people who work shifts have it bad, and sometimes we need to hear how bad they get it. As one mum on is quoted as saying :- “I f***ing [...]

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Bank Holidays and Public Holidays – What are the rights of shift workers?


Easter is upon us. Which means that the Bank Holiday Season is with us too. Bank holidays and Public Holidays are enshrined in most countries law. But many shift workers find themselves working across multiple national holidays. We spoke to HR expert Dianne Murray from Crispin Rhodes to find out what the law says about shift workers and bank holidays in the UK. We found that some common questions crop up, and the answers are not what we expected. Do we have a right to have bank holidays off work? The answer is no. There is no statutory right for employees to [...]

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Daylight Saving and its Effects on Shift Workers


As the clocks change, we look at the effects daylight saving has on shift workers. Get ready to lose an hour, again Twice a year the clocks change – meaning less time in bed for some shift workers, or less time at work for others. Although this bi-annual hour change is ingrained in our lives, it’s surprising how such a small shift in time can have a such a large impact on our body clocks, and our health. Changing the Circadian Rhythm Sleeping issues are a very common problem. Many people struggle to get sleep at a regular hour, then spend their [...]

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