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Great Review for My Shift Planner


We pride ourselves on putting shift workers first. Which is why we always respond to feedback about My Shift Planner – good or bad. We think we’ve produced an app that our users love. And, clearly, we are doing something right. We were chuffed to bits to get this fantastic review on the App Store this week.     Thanks so much to everyone who reviews. Please, keep them coming! It’s your reviews and feedback that keeps us on our toes to keep My Shift Planner the top shift organising app on the market.   User Driven App Everything we do is [...]

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The Origins of My Shift Planner


An Interview with the Creator of My Shift Planner – Chris Pimlott To mark the release of version 4.0, Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner and founder of My Buzz Technologies, tells us how he came to create the app that’s so popular with shift workers across the world. What led you to create My Shift Planner? It’s just over four years ago that I built the first version of My Shift Planner. I did it as a favour to my brother-in-law. He works at Manchester Airport and was trying to add his shift pattern onto his iPhone calendar. He [...]

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My Shift Planner Update News – Features in v.4.0


This week we have released the much awaited Version 4 of My Shift Planner. The new update includes many features that our users have been asking for.   Flexible Calendar Views – Year View and Day Previews With a new Day Preview you can see all the information about each shift occurrence and add useful and important information. Toggle from month and year views to make planning life around your shift pattern easier than ever.     Go into the new My Shift Planner and you will notice the new month and year toggle, allowing you to move to the year view [...]

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Living with Shift Work


What are the worst things shift workers have to put up with? Working shifts is hard! Shift workers know that, even if the rest of the world hasn’t got a clue. Those living with shift work are well aware of the issues and problems they have to face daily. Here are some of the truths about living with shift work Work – Sleep – Repeat For most workers, coming home at the end of work, doesn't mean the end of the day. There’s time in the evening for food, activity, the gym, Netflix, relaxing – all before you go to bed [...]

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Why is Shift Working so Damn Hard?


Shift work is notoriously difficult. Ask any group of shift workers whether they like it, and you’ll elicit a variety of responses, from toleration, to downright hatred! Hands up who likes working shifts? Few people openly enjoy shift work. It can be exhausting, frustrating, draining and unsociable. It can lead to health problems, both physical and mental, and social problems too, including marriage and relationship break downs. All in all, most people who work shifts have it bad, and sometimes we need to hear how bad they get it. As one mum on mumsnet.com is quoted as saying :- “I f***ing [...]

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My Shift Planner Update News – Version 4.0


What’s new and what to look out for. The new version of My Shift Planner is coming out soon. Chris Pimlott, creator of My Shift Planner, talks to us about what to expect in the new update. Version 4.0 is coming out I’m really excited about it – we’re all really excited about it! It’s something we’ve been building towards for a long time. We have lots of really cool features we’ve wanted to add in, but we needed to do lots under the hood first to get the app ready. Now that it’s finally here, we can start offering our [...]

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International Firefighters’ Day – 4th May


The 4th May is International Firefighters’ Day. Many of our My Shift Planner users work in fire services throughout the world. On the 4th May, we dedicate our thoughts and thanks to them. Firefighters - Dedicated to the Protection of Life Firefighters throughout the world dedicate their lives to protecting the lives of others. This dedication means countless hours of selfless service. Firefighter's work in hostile and dangerous environments. And working too with the ever present risk of loss of life. By remembering International Firefighters’ Day on the 4th May, we can recognise and give thanks for the sacrifices that firefighters make [...]

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Shift Workers Have More Bad Habits


Reports show that rates of smoking, drinking, overeating and other bad habits are higher among shift workers than any other working group. What are your bad habits? It will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked nights, but shift workers don’t always look after themselves in the best way. Reports in the last ten years have shown consistently that shift working leads to bad diet, lack of exercise, and increased use of alcohol and tobacco. A 2016 report showed that 1 in 3 shift workers smoke – a long way above the national average. In the last few weeks, a [...]

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Bank Holidays and Public Holidays – What are the rights of shift workers?


Easter is upon us. Which means that the Bank Holiday Season is with us too. What are the rights for shift workers when it comes to time off for public holidays? Bank holidays and Public Holidays are enshrined in most countries law. But many shift workers find themselves working across multiple national holidays. We spoke to HR expert Dianne Murray from Crispin Rhodes to find out what the law says about shift workers and bank holidays in the UK. We found that some common questions crop up, and the answers are not what we expected. Do we have a right to [...]

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Daylight Saving and its Effects on Shift Workers


As the clocks change, we look at the effects daylight saving has on shift workers. Get ready to lose an hour, again Twice a year the clocks change – meaning less time in bed for some shift workers, or less time at work for others. Although this bi-annual hour change is ingrained in our lives, it’s surprising how the change of an hour can have a such a large impact on our body clocks and our health. Changing the Circadian Rhythm Sleeping issues are a very common problem. Many people struggle to get sleep at a regular hour, then spend their workdays [...]

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