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Beta Testers Wanted!

Version 5.2 of My Shift Planner is ready for testing. The new update will include a revised shift pattern set up and various other changes. The new set up page is designed to make it easier for shift workers to use the My Shift Planner App and set up complex patterns more quickly.

We are looking for beta tester, to help us refine the features and make sure new and experienced users will be able to change and update their shift patterns quickly and daily.

Beta testing opens in July and ends August, when v.5.2 will be made available for public download.

Being a beta tester means that you get early access to the features. But it also means that you promise to help us by testing the app as thoroughly as you can. Then letting  us know about any issues you come across or comments you have.

To become a Beta Tester, click here! We’ll be in touch with you again to let you know how to join the Beta Programme.

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v.5.1.9 Update Available Now!

The latest update, v.5.1.9 is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. The update fixes various bugs and issues. Including support for older 32bit devices, such as early iPads and iPhone 5C.

Download Now >

V5.1 for Android and iOS

The new update for My Shift Planner v.5.1 is now available to download for both Android and iOS. New features include:-

  • Android Home Screen Widgets are now available. A compact “today” widget showing shifts and notes for the current day, and a 3 day widget to show you further ahead.
  • iOS Today Widget available. A collapsible view showing shift and notes for 2-5 days ahead.
  • Android Users: Improved support for using coloured emoji in your notes.
  • iOS Users Only: Secure access to your app with TouchID or FaceID where available. Turn this on within your User Profile settings in the menu.
  • Improved performance throughout the app
  • Minor bug fixes throughout the app to improve your experience

Ready to download >

Version 5.0 of My Shift Planner is here!