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The recent Apple update – iOS 13 – has caused a number of problems for apps. Apple are releasing updated. But iOS 13 is causing a fatal crashing error with older versions of MyShiftPlanner.

Users experiencing this crash receive an error message on boot up, telling them to reboot the app or contact support.

v.5.2.5 of MyShiftPlanner – currently on the App Store contains a fix for this crash and will solve the problem.

If you have recently updated to iOS13 on your iPhone, or are considering updating. Please update MyShiftPlanner as well from the Apple App Store, to make sure you do not encounter any problems.

If you need any help, or have any questions regarding this issue, please contact our support team.

My Shift Team is coming …

Our brand new Shift Scheduling tool is getting ready to roll out!

We’d love shift managers to get a first look and early access to My Shift Team from My Shift Planner.

We’re starting our exclusive Preview Programme this autumn to limited numbers.

Want to be part of the programme? Find out more>

My Shift Team - Shift Scheduling

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New Update – Version 5.2  – AVAILABLE NOW!!

What’s New in v5.2?

The main features of the v5.2 update relate to the new Pattern Set-Up page, as well as some other features and under-the-hood improvements and fixes too.

New Features include:-

  • New Pattern Set Up Page
  • Device Calendar Sync – you can now choose which app calendar is pushed to your device
  • Holiday Allowance can now be differently for each year
  • Holiday Allowance has a “carry forward” field and supports carrying over in-lieu in Holiday settings
  • FAQs now available from the system menu with Pattern Setup help video added to the Options menu in Pattern Setup screens
  • New option in Backup/Restore Data > Configure to choose which backup you want to restore from (rather than the most recent)
  • Improved month calendar display for easier reading
  • Lots of minor fixes to the app and to styling and shift display

New Pattern Set Up

We’ve changed the shift pattern set up page to include a new preview pane. This means you can see the shift pattern you choose before you add it to your calendar. You can also create your own personal shift pattern in this screen if you’ve got a more complex pattern. Just hit Preview to see how the pattern rotates forward!

Pattern Set Up

Restore Data Options

With the new v.5.2 we’ve added the ability to choose which backup you want to restore from! So if you make a mistake, you can always go back to a previous version and start again. Simply tap on the CONFIGURE option and then hit RESTORE and you can now choose which backup to use. Of course, you still have to remember to BACKUP YOUR DATA so that there are backups to choose from!

Calendar Sync

We’ve added a new option in Calendar Sync. You can now choose which of your shift calendars in My Shift Planner you want to sync to your device.

Annual Leave Carry-Over

You can now carry forward unused Annual Leave from previous years. You can also manage your annual leave for future years too.

We’ve Passed a Quarter of a Million Daily Active Users!

We’re really pleased to announce that we have over 250,000 daily users of the My Shift Planner App!

Thanks to all our loyal users who’ve been our advocates over the last 6 years.

Next stop, half a million!

v.5.1.9 Update Available Now!

The latest update, v.5.1.9 is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. The update fixes various bugs and issues. Including support for older 32bit devices, such as early iPads and iPhone 5C.

Download Now >

V5.1 for Android and iOS

The new update for My Shift Planner v.5.1 is now available to download for both Android and iOS. New features include:-

  • Android Home Screen Widgets are now available. A compact “today” widget showing shifts and notes for the current day, and a 3 day widget to show you further ahead.
  • iOS Today Widget available. A collapsible view showing shift and notes for 2-5 days ahead.
  • Android Users: Improved support for using coloured emoji in your notes.
  • iOS Users Only: Secure access to your app with TouchID or FaceID where available. Turn this on within your User Profile settings in the menu.
  • Improved performance throughout the app
  • Minor bug fixes throughout the app to improve your experience

Ready to download >

Version 5.0 of My Shift Planner is here!