My Shift Planner Release Notes

Current Version: 5.3.6

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Version 5.3.6

Released: January 2020

This is a bug fix and performance update which help to make MyShiftPlanner even slicker to use and fixes specific issues reported by our users. This includes:

  • Fix for Turkish users who are unable to see their notes in the bottom panel
  • Fix for some international users (Danish, Finnish) whose shifts can’t be removed from the calendar
  • Fix for occasional issues with the Today Widget on iOS not updating correctly after making changes
  • The Home screen (Android) and Today (iOS) widgets now match the time format setting (12 or 24hr format) set in the app
  • Improvements to loading times on newer devices (particularly for Android) and faster jumping between months in the main calendar
  • Two new icons added for Pro Pack users – scissors and circle
  • We’ve made it easier to find the built-in shift patterns in the Pattern Setup screens
  • Simplified setup guides for new users, and a link to our You Tube page

If you don’t have the latest version of MyShiftPlanner, we always recommend you update to make sure you have the latest fixes, features and improvements.

To check you have the latest update, open the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) app on your phone, search for MyShiftPlanner and use the Update button if one is available.

Version 5.3.5

Released: December 2019

This update fixes a few issues reported by users:

  • Fix for times showing without am/pm in the month view if using 12hr time format
  • Internal improvements to data loading to speed up the app

Version 5.3.3

Released: November 2019

This is a bug fix and performance update which help to make MyShiftPlanner even slicker to use and fixes specific issues reported by our users. This includes:

  • Fix for data not syncing between devices quickly enough after the app is opened
  • Fix for the Import option in the Pattern Setup screen (which created a pattern from shifts added directly into the calendar using the + button)
  • New music note icon added to the icon gallery (Pro Pack users)
  • Pattern setup – patterns no longer display the off shift name in the preview to reduce clutter
  • Fix for editors now moving about the keyboard on some screens
  • Fix for Work Time Report not calculating the total hours correctly when there’s a blank pattern
  • Fix for Work Time Report not including 24hr shift hours correctly
  • Fix for 24Hr shift “actual hours worked” totals not calculating correctly
  • Fix for iOS and Android widgets not showing shift times when the user has made the “show as” blank for the shift type
  • New button on the first-run wizard with an option for “My shifts don’t repeat!” for those shift workers who don’t work a repeating roster
  • Fixes for some specific cases to improve reliability for certain users who have had problems

Version 5.3.1

Released: October 2019

This update improves a few areas based on user feedback since the 5.3 launch. This includes:

  • Fix for users seeing the end time of shift become 00:00 after customising the start time of the shift for a specific day
  • Fix for users who have issues setting the start time on specific shifts in the Pattern Setup screens
  • Improved performance on older Android devices
  • Fixes for the Android back button within the app
  • Fix for when you have a 2nd shift and an overtime or 1/2 holiday on a day, it now colours the bottom of the shifts as it used to in v5.2
  • Improved performance of the icon picker (Pro Pack users)
  • We’ve simplified the names of the options in the main menu and calendar menu to reduce clutter and make it easier to find the feature you’re looking for
  • Improvements to the menus to make them less overwhelming for new users
  • Minor refinements based on user feedback

Version 5.3.0

Released: October 2019

This is a major update to MyShiftPlanner containing lots of great new features, improvements and fixes affecting most of the app.
We’ve also added some highly requested features, so thank you to all those who have provided suggestions and feedback! We hope you enjoy this update:

  • New: Add a second shift to any day (Required Pro Pack)
  • New: Add up to 6 custom icons to any shift from our extensive icon gallery (Required Pro Pack)
  • New: You can now add overtime before and after any shift
  • Simplified pattern setup experience
  • Home screen/today widgets improved to show more shift details and to support multiple shifts
  • Performance improvements throughout the app

Version 5.2.4

Released: August 2019

This is a minor update containing the latest bug fixes and refinements to help you get the best from MyShiftPlanner:

  • Refined reminder sounds to make them more impactful
  • New build-in shift pattern added – 3 week rotating pattern
  • New “Working weekends?” option in the pattern setup to keep Sat and Sun as off days
  • Fix: Using the Android back button in pattern setup now asks the user if they want to save changes, to avoid risk of accidentally losing changes
  • Fix: Changes made to notes are now auto-synced correctly to other devices
  • Fix: The “show names and times” option for the month view no longer shows the name twice if the shift is set to always show the name
  • Improvement: When exiting the pattern setup, the pattern is displayed as repeated so the user can check that it looks correct before leaving the screen
  • Improvement: When adding a new shift type, the keyboard automatically pops up on Android so the name can be typed straight away without having to tap the field first

Version 5.2.2

Released: July 2019

This is a minor update containing the latest bug fixes and refinements to help you get the best from MyShiftPlanner:

  • Louder, longer shift reminder sounds added for iOS
  • Fix for custom patterns occasionally showing shift times as 0:00 under certain circumstances
  • Notes panel no longer disappears when tapping on a month in the Year view calendar
  • Day number sizes increased to make it easier to read on iPhone SE and smaller phone screens
  • Copy and Paste facility added to the colour picker for Shifts to make it easier to re-use colours
  • When showing Shift Times on the month calendar, the shift captions are now larger to make them easier to read
  • Rounding error when calculating shift durations fixed
  • Performance and stability fixes throughout

Version 5.2.0

Released: July 2019

This is a major update to MyShiftPlanner including great new features, refinements and fixes. Thank you to all those who provided feedback, we hope you enjoy this update:

  • New pattern setup screens to make it easier to set up most repeating shift patterns
  • In Customise Shifts, the new Edit option allows you to change the order of the shifts
  • Shift types can now be duplicated in Customise Shifts
  • Holiday/Annual Leave Settings now in the menu for easier access (Pro Pack users)
  • 24hr shifts can now be included in custom patterns
  • More information about your shifts and activities shown in the Preview panel
  • Updated month view to make shift details easier to read
  • New option to show both shift name and times in the month calendar if the phone screen is large enough
  • In the Shift/Day Properties screen, you can now move between days without leaving the screen if you need to update lots of shifts, times, overtime or notes
  • Device Calendar Sync – you can now choose which app calendar is pushed to your device
  • Holiday Allowance can now be differently for each year
  • Holiday Allowance has a “carry forward” field
  • FAQs now available from the system menu
  • Pattern Setup help video added to the Options menu in Pattern Setup screens
  • New option in Backup/Restore Data > Configure to choose which backup you want to restore from (rather than the most recent)
  • Fixes for Device Calendar Sync in Australia and New Zealand

Version 5.1.4

Released: February 2019

This update to MyShiftPlanner includes some important changes and fixes from user feedback:

  • Device Calendar Sync now has an option to export OFF days and Overtime into the device calendar (Pro Pack users only)
  • The note preview panel now available for all users
  • Fix for Touch ID prompt showing even if not turned on in the phone settings
  • Fix for calendar sync randomly crashing for a small number of users if they refuse the app access to the device calendar (Android only)
  • Stability fixes affecting automatic backups
  • Crash fix for Purchase History screen if the user doesn’t have any purchases
  • Australia (Victoria) now has 2019 public holidays listed
  • St Patrick’s Day public holiday now included (Ireland)
  • Using the “Update now” option in calendar sync applies the options on that screen before pushing to avoid confusion for users who change something that doesn’t seem to apply

Version 5.1.0

Released: February 2019

This is a major new update which introduces Home Screen/Today widgets for all users and TouchID security for iOS users – our most popular requests!

  • Android Home Screen Widgets are available. A compact “today” widget showing shifts and notes for the current day, and a 3 day widget to show you further ahead
  • iOS Today Widget is available. A collapsible view showing shift and notes for 2-5 days ahead.
  • Android Users: Improved support for using coloured emoji in your notes
  • TouchID / FaceID protection when opening the app now available for iOS users
  • Improved performance throughout the app
  • Minor bug fixes throughout the app to improve your experience